PR campaign by Alzheimer’s Society for youngsters to become Dementia Friends

4th March 2015

There are the clever PR campaigns (like the launch of the much hyped television series Fortitude when an animatronic polar bear hit the streets of London) that really get your attention and then there are the campaigns that make you sit up and think because they reveal something about society or they hit a personal note. Last week, dementia was in the news again as a report was published showing that today’s young people will be the first dementia-friendly generation.. Read More…

What you should know before choosing a PR company

25th February 2015

Deciding it is time to use a PR firm, or exploring the market to check your current provider is still giving you great service, can seem like a big step. So here are a few tips to ease the pain.. Read More…

Facebook have just launched Product Ads

19th February 2015

What does this mean to you? If you have a product that you're trying to sell online, this is massive.. Read More…

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