Alive and Tweeting

20th April 2012

Here at Cobb PR we thought that it was finally time to share our tweets with the rest of the world wide web outside of the twittersphere.

As you can see by visiting our homepage, we have integrated a live twitter feed into our website.

Integrating twitter into your website doesn’t just mean supplying a logo or link which redirects people to twitter, it means your latest tweets are displayed on your website, acting as an instant news feed.

Regardless of who you are or what you do, there are many advantages to integrating twitter into your website.

  • Having a twitter feed on your website means that when people are faced with your homepage they will immediately see that you or your company is tweeting on a regular basis. This provides them with an instant idea on your personality and also an accessible link for them to follow you if your tweets entice or interest them.


  • It shows you are current and up-to-date with trends, social media, and are actively using them within your business and lifestyle. People will therefore assume that the content on your website is also current and up-to-date, which is good as nobody likes an out of date website. Make sure you include a time stamp on your tweets so that people can see how recent they are.


  • Times are constantly changing and different technology can help you interact with different people. You can bring your business or service to a completely new audience who would never see you otherwise. It is always better to do business with someone who is expanding their knowledge and changing with the world around them then living in the past.


  • Having a twitter feed on your website instantly shows that you are a legitimate person or business. An active blog, social media links and contact info are all good signs of websites legitimacy and will encourage people to contact you.  


  • You can keep your twitter profile up to date easily and it doesn’t require the time and effort a new blog post or news article would. Even if it is just re-tweeting an article you have seen and think would be of interest to your followers, it is still a worthy tweet. Nobody wants to see constant self promotion, they want to see your personality and that you are ‘real’. 


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