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3 Tips To Help You Maximise Your Social Media ROI

17th September 2014

Companies can find it hard to trust whether or not they are getting out what they put in to their social media campaigns. And understandably so. Sure, you hear the token success stories repeated in every blog post. Steaz doubles sales after offering coupons on Twitter. Blendtech increases sales by 700% after making YouTube videos. Don’t get me wrong, those sales figures are encouraging. But they are hardly the norm. The truth is that if sales figures are the only way you measure ROI, and sales figures are the sole focus of your social media strategy, you aren’t seeing the forest through the trees. And you aren’t using social media to its greatest effect-making personal connections to your target market. ROI on social media is no longer evaluated in direct sales conversions but in audience building, brand awareness, exposure and customer relations. So…How do you do you make those connections to your potential customers? We’ve narrowed it down to 3 action points.. Read More…

Facebook Set to Form a Social Colossus

15th September 2014

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13 things I wish somebody had told me when I started my own business

15th September 2014

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Instagram Pigs You Should Be Following!

8th September 2014

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