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The Seven Wonders of Woobox

29th May 2015

My team has had to listen endlessly to my tirade of loving praise for our newest pieces of digital software – Woobox. I’m completely hooked and maybe by the end of this blog you will be too.. Read More…

Tweets Come Back To Google Search Results

22nd May 2015

This week (19/05) Google announced that Tweets are to return to Google search results via their blog. As with most initial Google rollouts this is only available in US on Google apps like Chrome and mobile networks using Google search. It will then eventually be rolled out to desktop and other countries. But what does this mean for marketers? . Read More…

Cobb PR celebrates its 20th anniversary this year!

21st May 2015

Our French intern, Lea Saucourt, interviewed boss Tim Cobb as part of her studies back home. This is her article.. Read More…

‘I jiggle, therefore I am’ – This Girl Can campaign

19th May 2015

Glossy images of beautiful female bodies are often used to sell products ranging from food to fashion and we are accustomed to seeing perfectly-toned, airbrushed women in magazines, on billboards and television.So it was refreshing to watch real women getting sweaty and red-faced as they swam, ran, cycled, climbed, boxed, kicked balls and danced in Sport England’s This Girl Can campaign to encourage more of the fairer sex to take up exercise regardless of their shape, size and ability.. Read More…

Pawsible Marketing Ideas

7th May 2015

If you spend time online, especially on social media you will know that the digital world loves animals. They’re not picky either, whether the animal is cute, ugly or grumpy no one minds. . Read More…

Ruff Guide to France!

1st May 2015

This week our blog comes all the way from Normandy, France.. Read More…

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