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We're lucky to work with some fantastic companies. Here is some of our latest work that we've done for them, along with what it's achieved for them.


IEP Financial

So Ian, who is your target audience and what are you trying to achieve with your marketing?

People in the Sussex area looking for Independent financial advice. Our services are split into personal and corporate, and for each we offer financial advice, pension and mortgage advice.

When did you start working with Cobb Digital and why did you choose to work with us?

The contract started in November 2013. We were already doing some work with CobbPR so decided to dip our toe in the water with online marketing. We’d just launched a new website and were looking to help promote it in the best way we could.

Which marketing channels do you use?

We started off with SEO, given the success this has brought we’re now looking into PPC and email marketing.

Tell us a little bit about your experience with Cobb Digital; did we meet agreed deadlines? Did we work with you to ensure we delivered the marketing channels you needed?

We put some strict ranking targets in place for 6 keywords and had a time frame for Cobb Digital to hit these within 3 months. 75% of the targets were hit within 1 month and all of the targets were hit within 2.

Since working with Cobb Digital what results have you seen from your marketing campaigns?

Traffic to the site has tripled and there’s been a significant increase in inbound phone calls. We’re now number 2 for “Financial Advisor Brighton” which is our highest traffic yielding term… We’re pretty happy as you can imagine.

Cobb Digital smashed the targets we put in place within a very short time frame and we now sit pretty at the top of Google. Given the nature of this success we’ve started to pursue utilising other marketing channels with the Cobb Digital team.


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