Case Studies and Testimonials

We're lucky to work with some fantastic companies. Here is some of our latest work that we've done for them, along with what it's achieved for them.



We reviewed their backlink data and identified any links that needed to be removed and worked closely with TNCC to get these links removed or disavowed.

We advised TTNC on opportunities to improve user experience, conversion rate and natural search visibility. This included changes to page layout, integration of product filtering/faceted navigation and streamlining their ordering process. Additionally, we undertook search term analysis and optimisation of the new ready-made section to ensure pages were targeted to relevant search queries.

We carried out three campaigns, working in collaboration with interiors and lifestyle influencers enhance brand awareness and support their search visibility.

We provided social media recommendations for several platforms, with the initial focus being on Pinterest, leading to a 64% increase in referral traffic, 60% increase in unique page views and 10% increase in site dwell time.


  • 92% YOY increase in revenue specifically from the ‘ready-made curtains’ section of the site
  • 83% YOY increase in visits specifically from the ‘ready-made curtains’
  • 46% YOY increase in website conversion rate Jun to Nov

“We have been hugely impressed with the retail expertise demonstrated. They have proven to be adept at identifying and prioritising opportunities to increase awareness, revenue and customer experience. We look forward to continued success”.

Harry Cole, Managing Director, The Natural Curtain Company

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