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The Evolution Of Healthcare Marketing

Healthcare guide

Healthcare marketing has changed substantially in recent years. Heightened pressures on the NHS have seen more and more patients and service users turning to the private sector, which has led to a rise in competition.

As large businesses with a number of decision-makers, healthcare organisations have slow and complex approval processes, making it difficult to easily adapt or to utilise timely opportunities. Most organisations also face a heavy degree of concern internally about anything unknown, untested or outside the norm, as infringing any regulations could come with heavy costs and so risk mitigation is everything.

However, with the pace of change for both healthcare and marketing only set to increase, healthcare organisations need to respond, or face losing market share. 

By reading the document healthcare marketers will develop: 

  • Best practice healthcare marketing techniques 
  • An understanding of when and how to choose from the plethora of channels at your disposal
  • Guidance on utilising personalisation to ensure you get your message into the right hands at the right time


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