Why use marketing automation?

According to recent stats from emailmonday, on average 49% of businesses are now using marketing automation to streamline their online marketing efforts and the field continues to grow at an astonishing rate, but what are the benefits of this method?

Automation technology allows marketers to take their marketing campaigns to the next level. Put simply, by setting up workflows in a marketing automation system, lead nurturing takes care of itself, giving you more time to spend on creating campaigns, generating leads and ultimately increasing conversion rates!

Cobb Digital Automation+

In order to ensure Cobb Digital's services continue to service the needs of our clients in a highly competitive digital marketing space, we are proud to present Cobb Digital Automation+. Automation+ is an advanced marketing suite which will take your marketing campaigns to the next level. At the core of the technology lies market leading automation functionality but there are also a number of other features which will truly revolutionise your marketing campaigns. 

How does it work?


Getting visitors to your site is stage one, but getting them to convert is where you’ll make money. They need to buy your product or service. Use Automation+ functionality to create a high converting landing page in minutes, without the need to invest in costly designers. 


Creative work done. Publish your landing pages to the web, or Facebook with just one click! Our simple set up means you don’t need to get any developers involved in the marketing process, just direct your traffic to your published pages via an automatically generated tiny URL. 


Once you've captured your leads you can make your sales team more effective with lead scoring based on their relevance and interactions with your brand, and social media profiling.


Automation+ allows you to take your marketing campaigns to the next level. Once your workflows have been created your system will take care of itself, giving you more time to spend on generating leads, and ultimately increasing conversion rates. For example, set up rules to automate lead assignment to the most relevant members of your sales team and email nurturing campaigns depending on respondent behaviour. If someone opens lots of your emails but hasn’t enquired yet, we’ll flag this up.


Now your campaign is up and running you can examine the success of your marketing efforts. Adjust your marketing efforts and improve your ROI in real-time based on the real results of your campaigns.


Measure, manage and analyse your campaigns effectiveness and optimise your campaigns in real time. Your analytics dashboard will give you real time data on your campaigns; monitor visits, unique visits, number of leads and conversion rates. Track activity by date, device and source, you can even establish the geographical locations of your leads.


Easily connect with over 500 business critical web apps and services, in particular your marketing and CRM software; making it easier to automate the tedious and repetitive tasks we all dread.

Event capture

Automation+ can even ensure your events are hassle free. We can provide everything you need to ensure your attendees are greeted in style and experience a paperless, hassle free registration!


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