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Social media strategy

We believe your team are best placed to be creating social content for your brand – after all, they live and breathe it every day. However, we know that getting started and keeping on top of all the activity can be difficult.

We can help you develop a social media strategy to establish your brand as an industry leader, showcasing your experience, expertise and innovation. We can help you to grow your audience, reaching and connecting with relevant people and building those relationships. We will also profile your target audience to understand the platforms, discussion groups and content types relevant to them.

Social media management

If you don’t have the resources to manage your social media accounts in-house, we are here to help! Our team are experts in creating and optimising content, and have excellent customer service skills to handle any queries or complaints that come to your brand.

Online reputation management

Our online listening tools enable us to track all mentions of your brand, and key competitors, to identify any opportunities or potential problems as soon as they arise. We can also identify and build relationships with key online publications and influencers that will help grow your brand.

Social media advertising

Our social team work closely with our paid search team to develop highly targeted advertising campaigns to support your business objectives and reach new customers.