Joel Essex



Public Affairs is about making sure that the client is kept abreast of what is happening and why. Our clients need to know what’s in the political pipeline, how it might impact on their business, and – if necessary - how they can join the debate and engage with Ministers, politicians and civil servants.

In response to a growing demand from our clients, we have teamed up with experts from across the political divide and in both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

We can offer:

  • Parliamentary monitoring service
  • Legislative advice
  • Parliamentary campaigns
  • Stakeholder influence strategies
  • Advice on strategic opportunities

For more information on this service, please contact Tim Cobb.

Ivor Caplin

Cobb PR has an agreement for the provision of Public Affairs with Ivor Caplin Consultancy Ltd which is owned and run by former UK Government Minister Ivor Caplin. This company has been operating now for nearly 10 years and covers a wide range of public affairs which can assist your business in understanding their needs and the delivery of a wide range of support whether that is in local or national or even European Government.




Alison Broom

Alison is a public affairs and communications expert with 30 years' experience advising politicians, business leaders and public sector organisations.

Having worked inside government as a Political Adviser to Ministers in several government departments, she has an intimate knowledge of the workings of Westminster and Whitehall.  In the private sector, she worked as a Board Director in public affairs consultancy, advising business leaders and organisations on their government and political relations.  As Director of Corporate Affairs for a multinational travel company and Director of International Government Relations for a worldwide energy business, she also has experience working in-house to help Chief Executives and Board Members to build essential sustainable relationships with politicians and officials and represent their policy interests effectively to government nationally, locally and internationally.


Joel Essex

Joel has extensive experience in the world of public affairs and media relations, with particular skills in the property development sector. Joel spent eight years with The Political Planning Services Group in Birmingham and worked with clients in the residential, retail, leisure, waste management and local authority sectors on major, high profile projects.

His core skills include political and community insight gathering reports and devising and delivering integrated PR and communications programmes designed to win planning permissions for clients and manage their reputations.

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